Climate scale is

From climate to site:
A top down approach with the best possible data
From site to climate:
A bottom up understanding of the drivers of change
From climatic changes to risks and opportunities
An in depth analysis of the drivers of impacts

The Climate Tool for the Renewable Energies sector

We have a vast  experience in providing climate data, analysis, reporting and guidance to quantify climate physical risks for wind farms, solar plants and other RE technologies at different stages of the project life cycle.

Wind and solar project locations screened
Installed capacity of projects we provided a physical risk analysis for
Climate metrics specially designed for wind and solar projects

Why Climate Scale

On-demand model

Climate Scale inherits Vortex’s business idea, and brings it into the climate sphere: offering climate data on-demand for the users' requested location, time horizon, and metrics.

Actionable insights

We see our job as a 'translation service'. We transform multiTB of data into actionable information, facilitating access to and interpretation of projections of physical climate risks and opportunities

Expert guidance

Using and interpreting climate projections data is a new and challenging endeavour. That is why we supplement the provision of data with an advisory service, helping users on their path to climate-proofing their operations and assets.

Projecting the future

We bring key climate information to you through a carefully curated modelling process that combines known past climate variability with projected future climate pathways.

Our team

Gil Lizcano
Founder, Strategic and Implementation Lead

Founding partner of CS and partner of Vortex, Gil has proven experience in the field of climate modelling for applications in industry such as the management and commercialisation of large projects. He has led Vortex's innovation strategy for 12 years. His role at Vortex has allowed him to gain verifiable experience in the development of technological solutions using cloud computing for industry applications, as well as in their commercialization.

Ana Lopez
Founder, Science Lead

Founding partner of CS, Ana has a PhD in Physics, and more than 20 years of research experience in physics and climate science at research institutions such as Oxford University and the London School of Economics. She has worked on the application of climate science to the study of impacts of and adaptation to climate change, and on the commercial implementation of machine learning forecasting models for the financial and energy sectors.

Kai Lochbihler
Climate Analyst
Martín Tazón
Technical Lead
Juan Martin Queirel
Climate Analyst
Isabel Caballero
Tech. Marketing Lead. Business Development
Melike Dugan
Business Development
Business Development
Climate Analyst & Technical Content Creator

Interested in working with us?

We are open to research oriented collaborations, as well as to host students interested in internships and industry practices.

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Building upon world leading expertise


Vortex is the world leader in mesoscale modelling for wind resource applications. We got from Vortex the innovative climate data on-demand solution which is at the core Climate Scale technology.


Climate Scale received, in its inception, the financial support of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Use Case program as part of C3S aim to promote the development of new services for the benefit of society.


We have an ongoing collaboration with the GeoOcean Group from the University of Cantabria, a first-class R&D organisation with a strong focus on the study of ocean and coastal climate hazards.