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What is Climate Scale?

  • High-resolution climate change data
  • Physically down-scaled in the historical and two future emission scenarios
  • On-demand climate change projections from up to 10 different climate models

With our high resolution data you can estimate how your city, your asset or your business will be affected by Climate Change.
Climate Scale offers an easy to access, current climate variability and future climate projections, building on the consolidated experience of Vortex technology to physically downscale climate data to the resolution for local applications


These are some of our clients using our
climate change high-resolution technology

Climate Scale offers access to high-resolution climate data and climate advisory to businesses and other institutions, enabling the identification of climate change risks and opportunities, and  helping our clients to climate-proof their assets and operations.

Are you looking for ways to assess the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to your business?

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Climate Scale extends VORTEX innovative business model to the climate change modelling technology, using CMIP models and Reanalysis climate data to drive a robust atmospheric downscaling modeling chain.


A fast and robust platform with a focus on usability and compatibility with users modelling and analysis software. The interface allows to request high-resolution model runs and generate climate change projections for your area of interest.


Support to interpret climate change projections and their uncertainty, providing an understanding of the physical context of climate change.

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Renewable Energy

Water Resources




Food and Agriculture

Climate change affects agriculture through changes in the optimal climate conditions which have repercussions on crop yields, pests and diseases, CO2 and ozone ground level concentrations and the nutritional quality of foods produced. Its global impacts are uneven and while low latitude regions may be negatively impacted, in northern latitudes there may be positive outcomes too. Analyse in high resolution and precision the physical changes in the climate and extremes conditions for your crop of interest as well as the risks and opportunities from climate change.



Team Climate Scale

Gil Lizcano

Founder,  Strategic and Implementation Lead

Climate Scale founder and with a consolidated role in Vortex's science and innovation strategy, Gil is steering Climate Scale from the climate data modeling to the strategical and technical implementation.

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Ana Lopez

Founder,  Science Lead

With senior experience working in energy forecasting, financial modeling, climate science and theoretical physics, Ana is a co-founder of Climate Scale and responsible to ensure Climate Scale' scientific foundation and in providing crosscutting perspectives on climate, statistics, finance, energy trading and others.

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Martín Tazón

Technical Lead

Martin is at the cockpit of modeling Climate Scale high resolution climate processes, leading process automatization and porting Vortex's know-how and expertise into future climate modeling.

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Isabel Caballero

International Business Development

With a background in physical oceanography and extensive experience in environmental consultancy, numerical modelling and climate risks research, Isabel is leading the business development strategy at Climate Scale, ensuring that our technology responds to our clients requests and expectations.

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Kai Lochbihler

Climate Analyst

With extensive experience in atmospheric high resolution modelling, Kai specialises in the implementation of data processing and ad-hoc analysis at Climate Scale, including development of risk metrics adapted to client´s specification.

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Léa Schwartz

Climate Data Analyst

Léa is an engineering masters student working with Climate Scale to develop data metrics using climate change projections from Earth System models and physically downscaled regional simulations for business applications.

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