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Climate data to build a Climate resilient future.

Comprehensive physical climate risks for sustainability reporting

Downscaled present and future climate data in a few clicks

Specialised risk metrics for Renewable Energy Technologies

From localised climate data to technical assistance

Actionable Climate Data

Effectively respond to new sustainability reporting regulations

Online Tool

Simplify your data management to facilitate risk disclosures

Physical risks reporting

Obtain reports and assessments to fulfil lender's requirements

Tailored Guidance

Get expert guidance throughout the process, to interpret the data and evaluate uncertainty

Climate projections tailored to your needs

Sustainability Teams

Fulfil climate change reporting and sustainability requirements

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Asset Managers

Perform specialised risk analysis and build in resilience for climate proofing your assets

Evaluate risk

Climate Risk Consultants

Prepare complete climate risk assessments with our science-backed tool

Elevate your services

A robust and intuitive tool for climate risks assessments

to overcome the challenges of incorporating climate change physical risk information in strategic planning

A complete climate data solution

Our online tool features three products to respond to all your business’ climate risk assessment and projection needs

A high level summary of climate risks at project and portfolio level. Aligned with the EU Taxonomy, TCFDs and other regulations

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Access to high resolution downscaled daily time series for multiple climate variables, spanning from 2000 to 2099     

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High resolution maps of projected changes for multiple sector specific climate variables, horizons and emissions scenarios

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With our guidance at every step of the way

Support from our expert team
Interpret your data
Understand all  scenarios
Customise risk metrics

Real world risk assessments

Offshore Windfarm Risk AssessmentJob title
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Supporting the development of Iraq’s National Adaptation Plan
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Offshore Windfarm Risk AssessmentJob title

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Offshore Windfarm Risk AssessmentJob title

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Our solutions are employed by asset managers, sustainability teams, consultants and international organisations

Frequently asked questions

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Do you provide data from the Climate Models Intercomparison Projects (CMIPs) ? Which ones?

Yes, we do provide dowscaled data from CMIP5 and CMIP6  climate models, including historical data and future projections forced by different emissions scenarios. CMIP6 is the latest generation of climate models.

How many emissions scenarios do you provide?

For CMIP6 models projections we offer the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways SSP1-2.6, SSP2-4.5, SSP3-7.0, and SSP4-8.5. For CMIP5, the Recommended Concentration Pathways RCP2.6 , RCP4.5 and RCP8.5.

What is the resolution of your data?

The spatial resolution of our downscaled data is either 25 km or 3km, depending on the historical data employed as a reference to downscale the climate models.

What climate metrics do you provide?

We offer up to 20 metrics that address physical climate risks related to temperature, water, wind, oceans, and soil. In addition, we offer specific metrics for wind and solar energy technologies.

Can we use your data for EU Taxonomy related reporting?

Yes, you can match annex 1 of EU Taxonomy climate hazards requirements with our data

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